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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Edible Fruit Bouquets by Fruity

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Edible Arrangements on Unwrapped

Edible Arrangements on the Unwrapped Comfort Food Show


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Making Edible Vegetable Arrangements : Edible Arrangements: Adding Veget...

Impress your guest with a vegetable tray they won't forget! Learn how to add vegetable flowers to arrangements i...

Monday, April 19, 2010

A CUPCAKE BOUQUET with the World's Premier Culinary College

Crate a Cupcake Bouquet for this year's Mother's Day

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cookies Bouquet for Your Kids

Materials Needed:

Fudge-striped cookies (regular and/or mini size)
Wooden skewers (with parent supervision)
Gumdrops or heart-shaped gummy candy
Green ribbon
Clear vase or clear giftwrap
These steps are so easy, I think we’ll let the pictures
“do the talking!” Let’s get started!

Step 1:

Step 2: �

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5: Wa-lah! Finished! Don’t you think the kids will have a blast making these with you?

Extra Tip: Our “stems” were too short for the length of the vase. We solved the problem real quick by simply adding more gumdrops to the bottom — of course, it also adds to the cuteness factor, too!

Yours kids will sure love to see this when they come home from school

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sundae Glass Candy Arrangement

You will need: a Sundae glass, a piece of stick candy, Hershey’s chocolate kisses of one flavor or several, Life Savers, curling ribbons, pipe cleaners or thin stem wire, scissors and wire cutters.

1. Find a Sundae glass you would like to use in your candy arrangement.

2. Fill the Sundae glass with the Hershey’s chocolate kisses

3. Put the stick candy of the matching color into the glass.

4. (Optional). You can put Life Savers candy on the top of the Sundae (they will form whipped cream) securing them in place with glue dots or double-sided tape as necessary.

a) Prepare curling ribbons of colors that correspond with the kisses wrappers. You can also buy ready-made curl swirls.

b) Take a piece of pipe cleaner or thin stem wire and tightly wrap it around the middle of the curling ribbons from step a). Curl the ribbons by pulling them over the edge of the scissors.

c) Insert the curling ribbons in the glass. Your beautiful and tasty Candy Sundae is ready!

This arrangement is suitable for Valentine's or Mother's Day.

Tasty Daisies

Edible fruit arrangements have become very popular these days. There are not many instructions on how to make edible arrangements on the Internet. Below you will find directions for making a fruit bouquet.

Materials used in this edible fruit arrangement: pineapple, cantaloupe, grapes, strawberries, a head of lettuce, kale leaves, bamboo skewers, gumdrops, a pot, a flower shaped metal cookie cutter, a melon baller, and a knife.

Wash and dry all the fruits and tools well before making the edible bouquet.

Step 1. Choose a container that you would like to use for your fruit bouquet. The container used in this arrangement was bought at Wal-Mart. If you use a basket, put a plastic liner inside of it. Wash and dry the chosen container and liner before arranging fruits in it. Prepare the head of lettuce.

Step 2. Cut the head of lettuce as necessary to fit into the container.

Step 3. Insert the kale leaves into the container around the lettuce. Cover the lettuce completely. The kale leaves will be held in place by bamboo skewers of fruit flowers inserted later.

Step 4. Make the pineapple daisies.

a) Slice a pineapple into 1/2 - 1" thick discs. I used 7 pineapple daisies for this fruit bouquet. The bigger the bouquet, the more fruit flowers you will need.

b) Take a pineapple disc, position a flower-shaped cookie cutter over the disc, and press down on the cookie cutter. Push the part inside the cookie cutter out. Make as many as you would want. Throw away the outer portion of the pineapple.

c) Take a cantaloupe, cut it in half and remove the seeds. Using a melon baller, cut balls from the cantaloupe. They can be totally round or a little flat on one side. Make as many melon balls as pineapple flowers.

d) Take a bamboo skewer and slide a gumdrop onto it. The gumdrop will prevent the pineapple flower from sliding down the skewer.

e) Pierce the sharp end of the skewer through the center of the pineapple flower. Then thread a cantaloupe ball onto the end of the skewer so that the skewer does not show. A pineapple daisy is ready.

Step 5. Arrange your edible flowers in the pot to achieve the desired look. Make the flower stems shorter by breaking the ends off or cutting the ends off with wire cutters as necessary.

Step 6. Make grape flowers.

a) Take a bamboo skewer and thread several grapes onto it. Do not push the skewer all the way through the final grape. Make as many grape flowers as you would like for your edible bouquet.

b) Insert the grape flowers into the arrangement.

Step 7. Make strawberry flowers.

a) Take a strawberry and insert the pointy end of a bamboo skewer into the strawberry. Do not push the skewer completely through the strawberry.

b) Insert the strawberry flowers into the bouquet between the daisies around the rim of the container.

Enjoy your beautiful fruit bouquet