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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Flower arrangements: How to create a fall flower arrangement

HowdiniGuru | December 04, 2008

Bring the reds and oranges of autumn inside to create a beautiful fall arrangement. Floral and interior designer Rebecca Cole makes her harvest arrangement using branches and flowers.

How to create beautiful fall flower arrangements

Here's some ideas from floral and interior designer Rebecca Cole for turning branch arrangements into big and beautiful flower arrangements for a buffet or entryway:

1. Start by adding the tallest and most dramatic flowers. Delphiniums are a great choice. First, take off all the leaves on the stem so the water will reach the bud better and keep the flower lasting longer.

2. Cut the stem with a paring or pocket knife at a diagonal before placing the flower into your floral arrangement. You want the most beautiful part of the flower to be at eye level, so make sure the flower stem isn't too long.

3. Remember that the branches should be the tallest thing in the arrangement, taller than the flowers because that's how they naturally grow outdoors.

4. Add a second kind of flower to the arrangement: a less expensive lisianthus is complimentary to the delphinium. Again, remove any leaves on the stem and cut at a diagonal before arranging.

5. Next, add a kale to the arrangement. It's actually a vegetable, but opens up like a flower when you open up the head. Remove the leaves from the stem and cut at a diagonal. The kale stem is very thick so a paring knife should be used.

6. Finally, a flower with a smaller head creates a nice contrast to the big kale, long delphinium, and lazy lisianthus. The small petals of a carnation will create that extra little pop.

These floral arrangements should be about 5 feet tall from the bottom of the vase to the tops of the branches and will last about a week.

fall flower arrangement
fall floral arrangements
fall floral arrangement
flowers arranging

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Flower Arrangements: Using Vase Filler to Create the Perfect Floral Cent...

PotteryBarn | September 15, 2010

Learn how to create a simple flower arrangement with Pottery Barn Floral Designer, Nico De Swert. All you will need to create this floral arrangement is a flower vase, river rock vase filler, water, and hyacinth flowers.

Start by taking the flowers out of the container, rinse off the dirt, and take the bulbs apart. Trim the roots of the bulbs to about 1 inch long. Dump one bag of vase filler into the vase, and place the hyacinth bulbs on top. Add in your second bag of vase filler to keep the bulbs from falling over. Pour in a little bit of water, and your flower arrangement is done!

This is a beautiful, but inexpensive arrangement that makes for a great floral centerpiece. Flower arranging is a great way to bring nature into your home.

Find vases, botanicals, and vase fillers on Pottery Barn's website:

Here are some other great ideas for flower arrangements:

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Flower Arrangements: How to Create a Flower Bouquet | Pottery Barn

PotteryBarn | September 20, 2010

Pottery Barn Style Expert, Nico De Swert, shows us six basic flower arrangements that make simple, affordable flowers look stunning and sophisticated. These flower bouquets and centerpiece ideas can be created with fresh or artificial foliage.

1) To add texture and structure, mix some left over flower stems in with your floral arrangement.

2) Create a terrarium using one of Pottery Barn's vintage pickling jars. Terrarium plants are very easy to maintain.

3) Learn how to make a hand-tied flower bouquet with these simple steps. Arrange your flowers by twisting the stems in the same direction at a 45° angle. When you reach the desired size of your flower bouquet, tie the stems together, and drop them in a large vase.

4) For unique floral centerpieces, ground candles with floral foam and surround them with real or artificial flowers.

5) If you are creating a hydrangea flower arrangement, keep in mind that they need a lot of water. A great way to preserve hydrangea flowers is to cut the stems close to the flower and float or submerge them in a vase.

6) Add liveliness to any artificial flower arrangements by mixing real foliage in with the fake flowers.

Purchase your own Vintage Pickling Jar on Pottery Barn's website:

Or see some more tips for decorating with flowers here:

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How To Make a Shot Glass Out Of Ice

The coolest way to do a shot? Drink it from a glass made of ice.

To complete this How-To you will need:

One three-ounce plastic cup
One nine-ounce plastic cup
Duct tape

Warning: Don't drink unless you're of legal age. Drink responsibly, and never drink and drive.

Step 1: Fill a large cup

Fill a nine-ounce plastic cup about one third full with water.

Step 2: Fill a small cup

Place a three-ounce plastic cup in the larger cup. Adjust the position of both cups until the smaller cup is floating on an even level with the rim of the larger cup.

Tip: When serving liquor, keep in mind that your ice shot glass will be twice as big as the average shot glass.

Step 3: Secure with duct tape

Place duct tape across the top of the two cups so the small one stays put in the center of the larger cup.

Step 4: Place in freezer

Place the cups in the freezer until the water is frozen, about four hours.

Step 5: Pop it out

Pull the small cup out of the large cup, then run the outside of the large cup under warm water until you can pop the shot glass free.

Thanks for watching How To Make a Shot Glass Out Of Ice! If you enjoyed this video subscribe to the Howcast YouTube channel!

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Friday, September 24, 2010

How To Make A Silver Vintage-Style Bead Necklace

Learn how to make a vintage necklace using silver wire and glass beads! A Beads Baubles and Jewels project. For more projects and jewelry-making know-how, visit us at or visit for all your jewelry-making tools and supplies.


Linkables necklace vintage necklace Swanstrom Swarovski Linkables beaded necklace jewelry project how to jewelry how to how to make a necklace making jewelry jewelry making Rio Grande Beads Baubles and Jewels

How-to Make a Charm Drop Necklace, Threadbanger

simple and sweet! make your own charm necklace using the popular briolette tear drop shape. add your favorite charm and presto~
try other combinations of color and shape to!

By nicole tirona
simon redekop videographer

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Monday, August 30, 2010

recycled magazine flowers

lcdemers | June 15, 2009
Create beautiful origami flowers with recycled magazines.

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diy how to make origami flowers recycle magazines paper flowers do it yourself Kusudama decoration upcycle repurpose alamode alamodestuff

Plastic Bag Flowers

kimberlyanncrafts | September 04, 2009
Recycle Shopping Bags into Flowers using a flower loom.

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recycle plastic bags flower loom flowers prym sew make craft upcycle embellish handmade homemade

How-To Make Recycled Paper Beads, Threadbanger

ThreadBanger | July 31, 2007
Last week we got a rad video in from Becca who taught us how to make these really cool bead necklaces using old magazines and newspapers. So this week we're showing you how to make your own paper bead necklace with some old newspaper strips.

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Sunday, August 15, 2010


SHOPCROPSUEY | July 15, 2009
What do you do with your pretty paper scraps?

Try this out!
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Scrapbooking crop suey paper crafts beads

Monday, August 9, 2010

Vintage Flower Looms - CRAFT Video Podcast

makemagazine | May 23, 2008
Learn how to make straw flowers on vintage flower looms with Cathy Callahan of Cathy of California.
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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bojagi: The Tissue Box Frock

bobowrapper | March 03, 2009
A fun and easy way to dress up your tissue box. For more information please visit
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craft bojagi furoshiki reusable gift wrap green tissue box cover

FUROSHIKI : Simple Bag

hagakure1716 | June 04, 2009
Simple Bag
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Furoshiki howto

Furoshiki Wrapping Shoulder Bag

From KyotoFoodie ( Demonstration of how to make a shoulder bag with furoshiki
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kyoto furoshiki wrapping sake bottle karakusaya

Furoshiki gift wrapping

How to wrap your presents in Furoshiki (cloth) to avoid using wrapping paper. Unlike wrapping paper (which usually can't be recycled) Furoshiki can be used again and again.
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furoshiki japanese wrapping presents christmas diy howto environment green DIY

Kakefuda Kyoto - Famous Furoshiki Store

During Golden Week 2007 we visited Kyoto. During our stay we went to one of the famous traditional "furoshiki" or cloth wrapping stores. The quality and colour of the material was amazing. We even got to see the furoshiki that Mick Jagger bought last year!
Travel & Events
Cameron Switzer Cam Cammy Japan Kyoto Golden Week Japanese Tradition Furoshiki Material Bags Culture Mick Jagger

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bottle cap jewelry...with Aloha from Hawaii Vintage Stickers

Debz, owner of Rubber Stamp Plantation, Honolulu, demonstrates how to make beautiful bottle cap earrings with Aloha from Hawaii Vintage Stickers. View her full line of stamps, stickers, and more at
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bottle cap jewelry recycle rubber stamp plantation debz aloha from hawaii

Furoshiki - Reusable Grocery Bag
A video demonstrating how to turn a furoshiki (simple square of silk or other light weight and strong cloth) into a reusable grocery bag. This square of cloth can fold down small enough to fit into your pocket, but turn into a grocery bag twice as big as a standard bag, and much stronger.

Music: "Chipper" by Kevin Mcleod
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furoshiki Bojagi Tenugui Bento ecological green resuable grocery bag small ligth simple howto how tutorial

Ku-Ku FUROSHIKI Purse2 (Cartera2)

Ku-Ku Arts & Crafts)
MUSIC: "I Like Your Purse" By Autopassion
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furoshiki purse gift present japan art craft bag regalo japon arte manualidades cartera kuku fun

Ku-Ku FUROSHIKI Purse1 (Cartera1)

(Ku-Ku Arts & Crafts)
MUSIC: "First I lokk @ the purse" By Contours
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furoshiki purse gift present japanese art craft regalo japones arte manualidades kuku fun
The Contours - First I Look at the Purse

風呂敷の使い方: お使い包み - How to use Furoshiki

tourokuya | August 06, 2008
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風呂敷 furoshiki

Furochic Basic Wrap

Wrapping a gift with Furochic, reusable cloth gift wrap, using the Basic Wrap technique.
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Jenn Playford furoshiki wrap furochic Furochic Japanese cloth wrap cloth gift wrap fabric gift wrap fabric wrap wrap cloth furoshiki furoshiki demos holiday gift wrap eco-friendly green reuse recycle reusable cloth gift wrap

Basic Furoshiki Box Wrap - Japanese Fabric Gift Wrapping Tutorial (great...

Shiho demonstrates how to wrap any box-shaped gift with a basic furoshiki technique. Part 2 of a 3-part series on Japanese fabric gift wrapping. Check out Shiho's Green Studio blog for more info on this and other crafts:

Music is "Storm" by the Yoshida Brothers.
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Paper Flower Gift Bag - a DIY craft idea

Gift Bag with Paper Flower. Designed by Shiho Masuda. Music: "I'll Be Beside You," music composed by: Kazuko Mausner, piano: Kazuko Mausner, bass: Rus Wimbish, drums: Hiro Omori. Check out Kazuko's website to listen to more of her music:
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cake Decorating: Fun With Fondant

FYI: I am making a DVD with Robin showing how to make all kinds of fondant cakes. If you'd like to know when it's available, send me a message thru my channel page. Thanks to everybody! =)

Fondant adds a special zest to cakes, pastries, and candies. See for yourself as a cake decorator creates fun with fondant. Recipe from the episode: Chocolate Expresso Pot de Créme

To see more stories, get recipes, and links to additional resources, go to:
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Petal Paste Techniques has over 100 articles and videos on every aspect of cake baking.
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How to Stencil Cakes

redbookmag | May 14, 2009
Surprise everyone with a stenciled cake!

Red Book Magazine:

Red Book Video:

Subscribe to Red Book:

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

How to make the Origami Rose

barbabellaatje | October 25, 2008
Instruction on how to make the origami rose. Only the boring pre-crease has been seriously sped-up. There are many instructions out there but this one includes 100% precreasing and the "paperclip cheat" which make creating the origami rose easier, but even so it is not for beginners... sorry! ;)

Film & Animation
Origami rose instruction kawasaki,DIY,craft,projects
Created by Laibiz Creative Videos

How to make a Cherry Blossom Ku-Kusudama

Finally completed this Ku-Kusudama (not developing a stutter here...). It was inspired on Ku-Ku's Cherry Blossom Dish ;-)
I soon discovered that 5-petal flowers make great dishes but are quite over stretched. As I wanted to make a dodecahedron (a 12 pentagon ball) (ku-)kusudama I needed a 5-fold so made it with 12 10-petal flowers. Also gluing them together worked out well, the tip of the petal is almost at the perfect angle (see vid!) to make a dodecahedron :-)
Music by
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Kusudama paper craft flower ball 薬玉 instruction papercraft dodecahedron
DIY projects, recycle, paper
Created By Laibiz Creative Videos

Chinese Takeout Lantern - Eco-Friendly Craft Ideas by Shiho Masuda

Shiho re-orders these Chinese takeout containers into mini tabletop lanterns. As featured in NY Japion newspaper. Music: "Tang Court Ensemble" by Twelve Girls Band.
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eco-friendly craft ideas shiho masuda chinese food takeout container recycled recycle materials reused reusable repurposed tabletop lantern japanese gift wrapping ny japion fun cool creative design project teen teens kids crafty making magic

Created By Laibiz Creative Videos

How to make Chinese paper lanterns

ddkim61 | June 16, 2008
Easy steps on how to make Chinese oragami lanterns.
Chinese laterns paper oragami
Creative by Laibiz Creative Videos

Friday, June 25, 2010

Milk Carton Lantern - Eco-Friendly Craft Ideas by Shiho Masuda

ShihoMasuda | March 23, 2009 | 3:25
Shiho flips this empty milk carton into a pimped out tabletop lantern (as featured in NY Japion Newspaper). Please: USE BATTERY OPERATED CANDLES. LED tea lights are recommended, which you can purchase online for about $1.50.Thai unryu paper can be bought for around $3/sheet at art stores or online. It has a beautiful texture for a light shade. Song is "Skull Collector" by Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra
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Shiho Masuda eco-friendly craft crafts idea ideas reused repurposed recycled materials used milk carton lantern unryu paper raffia newspaper fun cool creative japanese gift wrapping kids green design skull collector tokyo ska paradise orchestra

Sunday, June 6, 2010

DIY-how to make a plastic key from soda bottle.wmv

jeffxie1 — January 02, 2010 — this is my first prototype of plastic spare key, it works. From a soda bottle to... jeffxie1 — January 02, 2010 — this is my first prototype of plastic spare key, it works. From a soda bottle to the Ultimate product, please go to
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Edible Arrangements on Unwrapped

Edible Arrangements on the Unwrapped Comfort Food Show


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Making Edible Vegetable Arrangements : Edible Arrangements: Adding Veget...

Impress your guest with a vegetable tray they won't forget! Learn how to add vegetable flowers to arrangements i...

Monday, April 19, 2010

A CUPCAKE BOUQUET with the World's Premier Culinary College

Crate a Cupcake Bouquet for this year's Mother's Day

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cookies Bouquet for Your Kids

Materials Needed:

Fudge-striped cookies (regular and/or mini size)
Wooden skewers (with parent supervision)
Gumdrops or heart-shaped gummy candy
Green ribbon
Clear vase or clear giftwrap
These steps are so easy, I think we’ll let the pictures
“do the talking!” Let’s get started!

Step 1:

Step 2: �

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5: Wa-lah! Finished! Don’t you think the kids will have a blast making these with you?

Extra Tip: Our “stems” were too short for the length of the vase. We solved the problem real quick by simply adding more gumdrops to the bottom — of course, it also adds to the cuteness factor, too!

Yours kids will sure love to see this when they come home from school

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sundae Glass Candy Arrangement

You will need: a Sundae glass, a piece of stick candy, Hershey’s chocolate kisses of one flavor or several, Life Savers, curling ribbons, pipe cleaners or thin stem wire, scissors and wire cutters.

1. Find a Sundae glass you would like to use in your candy arrangement.

2. Fill the Sundae glass with the Hershey’s chocolate kisses

3. Put the stick candy of the matching color into the glass.

4. (Optional). You can put Life Savers candy on the top of the Sundae (they will form whipped cream) securing them in place with glue dots or double-sided tape as necessary.

a) Prepare curling ribbons of colors that correspond with the kisses wrappers. You can also buy ready-made curl swirls.

b) Take a piece of pipe cleaner or thin stem wire and tightly wrap it around the middle of the curling ribbons from step a). Curl the ribbons by pulling them over the edge of the scissors.

c) Insert the curling ribbons in the glass. Your beautiful and tasty Candy Sundae is ready!

This arrangement is suitable for Valentine's or Mother's Day.

Tasty Daisies

Edible fruit arrangements have become very popular these days. There are not many instructions on how to make edible arrangements on the Internet. Below you will find directions for making a fruit bouquet.

Materials used in this edible fruit arrangement: pineapple, cantaloupe, grapes, strawberries, a head of lettuce, kale leaves, bamboo skewers, gumdrops, a pot, a flower shaped metal cookie cutter, a melon baller, and a knife.

Wash and dry all the fruits and tools well before making the edible bouquet.

Step 1. Choose a container that you would like to use for your fruit bouquet. The container used in this arrangement was bought at Wal-Mart. If you use a basket, put a plastic liner inside of it. Wash and dry the chosen container and liner before arranging fruits in it. Prepare the head of lettuce.

Step 2. Cut the head of lettuce as necessary to fit into the container.

Step 3. Insert the kale leaves into the container around the lettuce. Cover the lettuce completely. The kale leaves will be held in place by bamboo skewers of fruit flowers inserted later.

Step 4. Make the pineapple daisies.

a) Slice a pineapple into 1/2 - 1" thick discs. I used 7 pineapple daisies for this fruit bouquet. The bigger the bouquet, the more fruit flowers you will need.

b) Take a pineapple disc, position a flower-shaped cookie cutter over the disc, and press down on the cookie cutter. Push the part inside the cookie cutter out. Make as many as you would want. Throw away the outer portion of the pineapple.

c) Take a cantaloupe, cut it in half and remove the seeds. Using a melon baller, cut balls from the cantaloupe. They can be totally round or a little flat on one side. Make as many melon balls as pineapple flowers.

d) Take a bamboo skewer and slide a gumdrop onto it. The gumdrop will prevent the pineapple flower from sliding down the skewer.

e) Pierce the sharp end of the skewer through the center of the pineapple flower. Then thread a cantaloupe ball onto the end of the skewer so that the skewer does not show. A pineapple daisy is ready.

Step 5. Arrange your edible flowers in the pot to achieve the desired look. Make the flower stems shorter by breaking the ends off or cutting the ends off with wire cutters as necessary.

Step 6. Make grape flowers.

a) Take a bamboo skewer and thread several grapes onto it. Do not push the skewer all the way through the final grape. Make as many grape flowers as you would like for your edible bouquet.

b) Insert the grape flowers into the arrangement.

Step 7. Make strawberry flowers.

a) Take a strawberry and insert the pointy end of a bamboo skewer into the strawberry. Do not push the skewer completely through the strawberry.

b) Insert the strawberry flowers into the bouquet between the daisies around the rim of the container.

Enjoy your beautiful fruit bouquet