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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Flower Arrangements: How to Create a Flower Bouquet | Pottery Barn

PotteryBarn | September 20, 2010

Pottery Barn Style Expert, Nico De Swert, shows us six basic flower arrangements that make simple, affordable flowers look stunning and sophisticated. These flower bouquets and centerpiece ideas can be created with fresh or artificial foliage.

1) To add texture and structure, mix some left over flower stems in with your floral arrangement.

2) Create a terrarium using one of Pottery Barn's vintage pickling jars. Terrarium plants are very easy to maintain.

3) Learn how to make a hand-tied flower bouquet with these simple steps. Arrange your flowers by twisting the stems in the same direction at a 45° angle. When you reach the desired size of your flower bouquet, tie the stems together, and drop them in a large vase.

4) For unique floral centerpieces, ground candles with floral foam and surround them with real or artificial flowers.

5) If you are creating a hydrangea flower arrangement, keep in mind that they need a lot of water. A great way to preserve hydrangea flowers is to cut the stems close to the flower and float or submerge them in a vase.

6) Add liveliness to any artificial flower arrangements by mixing real foliage in with the fake flowers.

Purchase your own Vintage Pickling Jar on Pottery Barn's website:

Or see some more tips for decorating with flowers here:

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